1988 Football Team

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At the beginning of this season, many people predicted this team wouldn’t be as good as the 1987 team since they lost so many seniors.  That didn’t matter to the 1988 players.  They believed in themselves.

On Friday, November 25, 1988, the regional finals matchup at Texas Stadium was, what some would say, the biggest game in Dragon history.  The #3 three ranked Dragons faced #1 ranked Daingerfield, a two-time state title winner.  


The Dragons dominated the game right away, which ultimately led to a 42-13 win over Daingerfield to reach the quarterfinals. 


Some call this the game of the year while others call it the game of a lifetime. Either way, it will go down as one of the biggest games in the history of Dragon football. 


On their way to a 16–0 perfect season, the Dragons were a commanding force during the 3A playoffs. Their playoff average margin of victory was just over 34 points and their closest playoff game was a 23-0 win over Decatur for the State Semifinal title. 


The commitment and dedication displayed by the 1988 Dragons was the epitome of what it means to be a dominant team in Texas high school football and laid the foundation for the program that was yet to come. 


The members of the 1988 3A State Championship Football Team included:

Ricky Hatfield, Jeff Myatt, Jason Fernandez, Wayne Walker, Donnie Thaden, Bret Moser, Jason Skinner, Joel Skinner, Don Baldwin, Brian Kubalik, Scott Huebner, Jeff Robertson, Andy Sisk, Mike Uldrich, Bret Maloney, David Blanchard, Jason Myatt, Brian Summers, Ryan Edwards, Kyie Burns, Shane Rodges, Robert Pekowski, Craig Nimphius, James Wood, Brad Jacobs, David Hackett, James Martin, Bob Keli, Todd Strickland, Ellis Howard, Jim Wooll, Chris Nietenhoefer, Colby Hoefar, Dale Vogel, Gary Bohnsack, Bo Renshaw, Brandon Sisco, Stephen Koven, Jimmy Elkins, Kevin Holmes, Marty Dunbar, Dan Blackwell, Clay Gustafson, John Kothman, Brandon Murdock, Brent Reneau, Scott McCann

Head Coach Bob Ledbetter, Coach Jeff Dixon, Coach Jim Cain, Coach Al Rushing, Coach Fred Maples, Coach Joel Berry, Coach Steve Lineweaver, Coach Ronnie Cullum, Coach Ken Cook, and Coach David Walker.


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