2002 Boys Baseball Team

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2002 Boys Baseball Team

The 2002 Dragon Baseball Team won Carroll’s first state championship since 1982 and gave baseball lifer, Head Coach Larry Hughes, his first state title. Earlier it was said that this team started the modern era of Dragon Baseball, considering that prior to two00two there had been one state title in the history of the sport. There have now been three since the dawn of this millennium. This was truly the team that began a powerhouse. A debt is owed to all who contributed for what this team did for Dragon Baseball.

Coached by Head Coach Larry Hughes and Assistant Coaches Sam Booker, Matt Miller, Matt Hubert, John Craft, and Jeremy Trojacek.


The Team Roster consisted of:


Jeff Bank

Jeremy Bell

Justin Bell

Charles Benoit

Matt Daniels

Tyler Flynn

Kody Haverkamp

Ted Holt

Clint Humphrey

Aaron Luna

Ben Nelson

Mike Pope

Andrew Rich

Weston Ryan

Tre Sellari

Scott Thorne

Blake Walker

  1. Williams

Stephen Wood

Kyle Young

Trainers were Kristin Wood & Derek Abel and #1 Fan Jay Armstrong

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Graduation Class