2002 Football Team

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This Dragon team was predicted to finish 4th in district to start the 2002 season. During regular season play, they would finish 10-0 while commanding a scoring average of 50-10 in the first 10 regular season games, effectively ending any debate about their ability to compete at this level. They would go on to score 725 points during the season while holding their competition to only 231 points. 

In similar fashion to the 1988 team, the 2002 dragons rarely left opponents unpunished for joining them on the field of play.

As the Dragon bus pulled into the parking lot at Waco ISD Stadium on December 14, 2002 to face the defending Lufkin Panthers in the semi finals, the stage was set for a game that would not only decide the state championship,  but become a game of legend in Dragon and State football history. In an incredibly hard fought back-and-forth battle, the Dragons emerged victorious enroute to securing the state title against Smithson Valley in San Antonio the next week. The 2002 season, and the seasons that would follow,  thrust the dragon football program permanently back into the limelight of Texas high school football on the largest stage, and would forever change the way success at Carroll was measured. 

The 2002 Dragons would become the first team in Texas football history to move up a UIL classification and win the state championship.


The 2002 5A State Championship Football Team is comprised of the following players and coaches:


Chase Hargis, Aron Morgan, Chase Daniel, Christian Merritt, Andrew Hansen, Chase Wasson, Ryan Summers, Tre Sellari, Michael Hoy, Josh Bell, John Blackburn, Matt Wilson, Kenton Gedwed, David McAvoy, Tres Reagin, Scott Chandler, Gary Richardson, Trevor Johnson, Aaron Luna, Brady Simonak, Michael Agnew, Matt Glass, Joe Troop, Philliip Magers, Jeff Frick, Josh Rettig, Zac Saldi, Garrett Hartley, Shelby Thomas, Adam Hansen, Kevin Gorney, Nolen Hallford, Ben Hixon, Nathan Alexander, Tyler Flynn, Josh Alexander, Chris Sparks, Chris Choate, Pete Fleps, Geoff Stewart, Jonathan Mitchell, Justin Peipert, Brad Hall, Justin Asher, Cameron Parker, Jeremiah Jones ,Blake Pool, Sam Graff, Bill Lacava, Ryan Roberts, Corey Snyder, Jordan Gray, Austin Keyser, Kevin Bates, Lee Marshall, Mitch Enright, Travis Snyder, Todd Salazar, Travis Stacy, Max Schwartzstein, Wes McFall, Bret Wilson, Grant Johnson, Spencer Allen, Jake Nussrallah, Logan Bains, Jon Cunningham, Dan Hund, Gordon Green, Harold Williams, Adam Ulatoski, Drew Williamson, Jacob Jameson, Chris Case,Brian Boitmann, Todd Bondy, Adam Boydston, Ryan Jacobson, Tyler Myser, Jake Benoist, McKay Jacobson, Ryan King, Casey Lester, Brian Hagglund, Chris Tye, Chris Pearson, John Stanford, Garrett Dupont, Robert Eldridge, 


Athletic Trainers: Derek Abell, Kody Trubenbach, Kristin Wood, Tom Evans, Billy Ray Glass, Ryan Spencer


The team was led by Head Coach Todd Dodge and Assistant Coaches Sam Booker, Donnie Bartlett, Jason Tucker, Hal Wasson, Ron Mendoza, Charlie Stalcup, Clayton George, Scott Dukatnik, Robert Drake, Chris Savage, Larry Hughes, Jeremy Trojacek, Hank Semler, Eli Melton, Tommy Kohlmyer, and Paul Pinson.